Workwear Lockers

Helmsman's Workwear Lockers ensure garments are held securely and yet is available for individuals around the clock, and that soiled work wear is both tidy and secure.  Each locker user has a lockable personal compartment which is uniquely keyed. The operative filling the Workwear Lockers uses a single key that gives them simultaneous access to all the shelves in a unit, so there is no need for them to open each individual door.

Our Workwear Lockers features a single posting slot behind which there is a baffle that makes pilferage difficult. The garments can be collected within the unit, or an optional laundry sack can be hung inside to make collection even simpler. The collector door is keyed to match the service lock on the dispenser.

We also supply heated lockers which allow damp garments to dry whilst being securely stored

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5 Compartment Garment Dispenser

5 Compartment Garment Dispenser£106.81

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Five compartment garment dispenser locker, 1820mm high, 380mm wide by 450mm deep. Available in Red or Blue, key or latch lock.


Drying Lockers

Drying Lockers£250.00

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Heated lockers that dry your clothing while you work.

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